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  • Artenum

    About Artenum Artenum is an independent company specialized in scientific computing and groupware. As a software publisher, Artenum has created numerous lean and effective open source […]
  • barthel HF-Technik

    Best Solutions for Fascinating Applications! barthel HF-Technik GmbH specializes in the design and production of RF generators, matching networks, RF amplifiers, and other RF equipment for […]
  • CemeCon AG

    CemeCon AG – PVD sputter and CVD diamond coatings for high-performance precision tools CemeCon has many years of experience in PVD sputter and CVD diamond coating […]
  • Cortronik GmbH

    Cortronik GmbH – Center for Manufactoring and Developing Vascular Implants Cortronik was founded in 1998 and employs more than fifty professionals for manufacturing vascular stents. The […]
  • Dürr AG

    Dürr AG – Leading in Production Efficiency Dürr AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products, systems, and services, mainly for automobile manufacturing. Our […]
  • Electrodynamic systems & technologies LLC

    Electrodynamic systems & technologies LLC (EST) develops and produces the new generation of equipment on the basis of fundamental discoveries in plasma physics, molecular biology and […]
  • Eumatic GmbH

    About Eumatic GmbH Eumatic GmbH is a plastics company specialized in the production of components which are needed by manufacturers of door panels. Due to our […]
  • Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH

    About Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH The Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH was founded in 1995 by Dr. Dirk-H. Fricke and Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Mallah.Dr. […]
  • GRINP S.R.L.

    About GRINP S.R.L. The company is located in Torino and specialized in the manufacture of laboratory and industrial scale machinery of atmospheric plasma. During 2005 and […]
  • HAFF-Dichtungen GmbH

    HAFF-Dichtungen GmbH specialises in gasket cutting and has been operating in Ueckermünde, in the North of Germany since 1980. Today, HAFF-Dichtungen GmbH manufactures the widest range […]
  • IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V.

    Profile of IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V. IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V. is a leading supplier of technology for PVD coatings (Physical Vapour Deposition) and PACVD […]

    For over 20 years Innovation Enterprise „IMPULS” produces and provides modern, ecological preparations for cleaning and disinfection. Our enterprise supplies also cleaning devices for agricultural and […]
  • IMT Impreglon Material Technology GmbH

    About IMT Impreglon Material Technology GmbH IMT is an internationally active technology company specialising in surface and material technologies for applications in the technical, medical and […]
  • Instal Rzeszów Sp. z o.o.

    About Instal Rzeszów Sp. z o.o. Instal Rzeszow was registered July 4, 2002 in the District Court in Rzeszow. The Company uses INSTAL RZESZÓW trademark that […]
  • IRIS s.r.l.

    IRIS – Playground for new ideas IRIS is a strong innovative SME, based in the industrial area of ​​Turin, specialized in the development of innovative technologies […]
  • Limpgas Tecnologia Ltda

    History of Limpgas Tecnologia Ltda Limpgas Tecnologia is a clean technology-based company spin-off from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), incubated by the Center for the […]
  • Melp

    About Melp MELP Close Joint-Stock Company, an affiliate of the Scientific and Technical Park of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, was established in 1993. The Company […]
  • Meyer Burger (Germany) AG

    Meyer Burger (Germany) AG – BU MicroSystems Drawing upon broad experience and expertise, Meyer Burger (Germany) AG – BU MicroSystems is a worldwide operating company that […]
  • neoplas control GmbH

    About neoplas control GmbH neoplas control GmbH is a competence center for gas and plasma diagnostics and environmental analysis. It was founded in 2006 as a […]
  • neoplas GmbH

    neoplas GmbH puts its emphasis on utilisation and valorisation of research results for industrial applications. Clients are both public research institutions and high technology companies. Being […]
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

    Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH – Corporate Profile Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for innovative and custom vacuum solutions worldwide, technological perfection, competent advice and reliable service. For more than 130 […]
  • Plasmacentre Ltd.

    Plasmacentre Ltd. was founded January 30, 1991 from scientists and experts, and the Faculty of Technology of Materials, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Many employees of […]
  • Plasmanitriertechnik Dr. Böhm GmbH

    Plasmanitriertechnik Dr. Böhm GmbH – Hard and distorsion resistant A special treatment to harden materials with low temperatures. Plasmanitriertechnik Dr. Böhm is a german based SME, […]
  • PlaToS Consulting

    About PlaToS Consulting Plato’s philosophy is to consider problems (read: challenges) from many perspectives.In the realisation of new innovative products, the use of new technologies in […]
  • Plazma Innovation GmbH

    Plazma Innovation GmbH Plazma Innovation GmbH is a start-up company based at Greifswald. It’s research field will be the use of optimized plasma torches for local […]
  • Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    About Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Plazma is a dedicated customer-innovation company. With consistent, focused plasma cutting R&D driven by a vast customer base. Since 1994 Plazma […]
  • PromoBeta Ltd.

    PromoBeta Ltd. company is made up of a network of consultants specializing in environmental consulting to companies and individuals. PromoBeta provides environmental consulting services “Turnkey hand”, […]
  • PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH

    Company profile PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbHPlaTeG-PulsPlasma®Nitriding Systems Gear wheels of wind turbines, forging dies, tools and wear parts for automotive or oilfield applications are subjected different […]
  • Rafflenbeul Anlagenbau GmbH

    Profile of Rafflenbeul Anlagenbau GmbH Since 1986 the engineers and technicians of RAFFLENBEUL develop cheap and sustainable solutions for waste air purification, odour abatement and energy […]
  • Rassini – NHK Automotive

    Rassini – NHK Automotive Rassini – NHK Automotive (RNA) occupies an outstanding position in the automotive spring market, where it is today the largest manufacturer of […]

    About Roplass ROPLASS s.r.o. is a spin-off company of Masaryk University, Czech Republic, specializing on commercialization of atmospheric pressure plasma generators invented at the CEPLANT – […]
  • ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB

    ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB is based in beautiful Hofors in Sweden. We develop high temperature metallurgical processes based on the plasma technology for extraction of valuables […]

    SEID was started back in 1997 as Applied Plasma Physics (APP) with the core technologies ModuPlasma and ModuPower (High-Frequency Switch-Mode) Power Supply technology. Schenck Process Group (SPG) acquired APP in 2014, […]
  • SourceLAB SAS

    SourceLAB SAS – Laser Plasma Technology for for innovative opto-plasma design and compact sources of particles and radiation SourceLAB SAS is a spin-off from the Laboratoire […]
  • Surface – Plasma Engineering and Solutions Ltda

    Surface – Plasma Engineering and Solutions Ltda – Innovative business with smart solutions Who we areSurface – Plasma Engineering and Solutions Ltda is a spin off […]
  • Tantec A/S

    Tantec – Plasma Treatment, Corona Treatment and Leak Detection Technology Tantec has been offering cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly Plasma Treatment, Corona surface treatment equipment and adhesion treatment […]
  • Texplazma

    Texplazma is thermal spraying company, specialized in development & application of plasma spraying technology.Thermal spray coatings are a highly cost-effective and straight-forward method for adding superior […]
  • Tigres GmbH

    TIGRES GmbH was founded in the year 1993 in Hamburg. We have developed and produced highgrade stations for the treatment with electrical discharges at atmospheric pressure […]
  • TTZH Tribologie & Hochtechnologie GmbH

    TTZH is a remote team of top professionals managed from Headquarters in Germany. The TTZH Tribologie & Hochtechnologie GmbH focuses on: tribology research surface technology industry […]
  • Wapulec OY

    About Wapulec OY Wapulec OY project was initially developed as a result of successful cooperation between the Department of Chemical Technology of Lappeenranta University of technology […]
  • Welt der Wunder ad-ventures GmbH

    Welt der Wunder ad-ventures GmbH Innovation management wdw ad-ventures is a Technology to Business transfer platform. The aim is, to be a catalyst for technology transfer […]
  • WOFIL Robert Muszański

    WOFIL Robert Muszański Company WOFIL Robert Muszański has been founded in 1999 as a response to market needs for new technologies in the processes of water […]
  • ZIROX GmbH

    Zirox GmbH profile Since the formation in 1990, ZIROX has been involved in the development and production of gas sensors based on solid electrolytes (zirconia). Together […]