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Zirox GmbH profile

Since the formation in 1990, ZIROX has been involved in the development and production of gas sensors based on solid electrolytes (zirconia). Together with scientists of Greifswald University, sensor systems with till then unrivaled parameters have been developed. For many problems (e.g. ceramic firing, surface treatment, float glass production) new methods could be established.
The records of ZIROX have been awarded:

  • Initiative Price of the Industry Research Foundation (1992)
  • Innovation Price of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (1996)
  • Export Price of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (2005)

Already 1958 the world basic patent for the potentiometric gas analysis by solid electrolyte cells (Möbius and Peters, DD 21 673) has been taken out.

Since the beginnings of the sixties a group of scientists under the leadership of Prof. Möbius has researched in the area of gas analytic. The group concerned itself with fundamental research but also with the transfer of the scientific results into practically applicable measuring systems.



The probes and measuring devices of ZIROX have been developed for requirements of most varied applications. Apart from the serial production, special customized systems are realized. The core of the oxygen analyzers is a solid electrolyte cell based on yttria stabilized zirconia. For special applications we can prepare our devices with measuring cells which have a metal/metaloxide-reference electrode (“solid state reference”). This kind of reference electrode has a great advantage if a reference air supply is impossible.

Important applications are:


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