WP 6 will aim to ensure the sustainability of the actions and activities implemented after the end of AdPack2 project. In this sense, the main aim of WP6 is to develop a long-term exit strategy which comprises the following aspects: long-term partnership agreement; definition of target markets; identification of services to be implemented; financial sustainability strategy.

Therefore, the specific objective to be achieved through WP6 tasks is:

  • To develop a long-term internationalisation strategy that ensures the sustainability of the internationalisation support services after the end of AdPack2 project.

Task 6.1 – Revision of the composition of the partnership
Task 6.2 – Definition of target markets for the long-term
Task 6.3 – Identification of actions/ services to be implemented
Task 6.4 – Development of financial sustainability strategy
Task 6.5 – Development of long-term exit strategy