WP5 includes the core internationalisation activities of the project, including the organisation of internationalisation

missions and the provision of internationalisation support services.

Therefore, the specific objectives to be achieved through WP5 tasks are:

  • To support the establishment of business partnership agreements to develop joint collaborative project between the Partnership SME members and business and other relevant stakeholders from third countries

Task 5.1 – Development, launch and dissemination of call for expression of interest
Task 5.2 – Assessment of applications and selection of delegates
Task 5.3 – Online matchmaking with potential partners
Task 5.4 – Organise AdPack2 internationalisation missions to target countries
Task 5.5 – Conduct international missions and follow-up actions
Task 5.6 – Participation in other external international missions
Task 5.7 – Monitoring of internationalisation support opportunities and funding
Task 5.8 – Complementary internationalisation services