BalticNet-PlasmaTec, as the coordinator of the AdPack project, is the responsible partner for the consortium and also for this work package 4.

  • Task 4.1 Coordination, management and monitoring of the AdPack project
    This retains the overall responsibility for the implementation of all planned project performance indicators and deliverables including coordination and monitoring of the AdPack project activities and creating reports. Furthermore, the coordinator will be responsible for the communication between the project consortium and the EASME, as well as for supplying all information and documents (reports, certificates etc.) to the EASME.

  • Task 4.2 Survey on benefits for consortium SME
    A survey on benefits for the consortium SME will be carried out at the beginning (for the initial situation) and at the end of the project (result situation) to measure the benefited cluster organisations and SME, the increase of SME turnover from international activities, the employment in Europe and to identify the SME having benefited directly and indirectly from the supported actions. The first survey (for the initial situation) will be realised together with the survey in WP 1 (needs and interest in cooperation).The second survey will be realised by the end of the project to measure the results from the supported actions.