The overall aim of this Work Package 2 is to promote growth and to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of SME in the EU and in third countries.
Dissemination activities and provision of showcases will be fundamental for a sustained creation of value from the project. To ensure the excellence of the project as well as a wide dissemination to all target groups, the consortium aims to make AdPack visible for all relating SME, large industry, universities and influencer. All AdPack project partners (consortium and affiliated entities) and the European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) will continuously communicate activities, identify best practices and case stories through the most effective channels. Communication and dissemination are one of the most important factors for successful clusters and their members. This WP focuses on several target groups including:

  • clusters (including consortium, affiliated entities and other clusters),
  • consortium cluster members, especially SME and
  • influencers.

A communication/marketing strategy will be implemented based on several tools and channels (online, non-electronic and mass media) to ensure an efficient dissemination of the project and of the ESCP. The AdPack project and the ESCP will consider two levels of communication:

  • Internal communication. This includes the communication within the consortium, the consortium cluster members and affiliated entities.
  • External communication. The main goal is to spread knowledge and raise awareness of the AdPack project results to target groups within and beyond Europe.

Both levels for communication will be addressed following the tasks described below.

Task 2.1 Joint communication/marketing strategy for AdPack project partners and the ESCP
Task 2.2 Identity shaping for AdPack European Strategic Cluster Partnership
Task 2.3 Dissemination events