Work Package 1 will contribute to the establishment of the partnership between the AdPack project partners, its members and European and third countries partners. The activities aim to create a favourable climate for cooperation, based on a demand oriented and pragmatic approach. Furthermore, this Work Package (WP) will provide helpful recommendations for the internationalisation strategy. Within this WP, the required knowledge will be gathered, organised and used for dissemination and consultation purposes. Memorandums of understanding will be signed between consortia and selected affiliated entities / external strategic partners to express the collaboration interest, to protect the IPR and to minimize the unethical use of sensitive information and knowledge leaks outside the project. These memorandums will also serve to associate the partners with the project.

The first task will focus on the identification of the services implemented by the AdPack project partners for support of internationalisation and cross-border cooperation, identification of the key competences of AdPack project partners and identification of AdPack consortium SME´s and affiliated entities SME´s needs in the area of cross-border collaboration and internationalisation.

The second task focuses on the identification of tools, structures, processes and services related to internationalisation of SME of other clusters and other ESCPs.

The third task aims at the definition of good services and good practices to be provided by the future ESCP of AdPack.

The goal of the fourth task is the identification of the strategic European partners that complement the AdPack project partners in the areas of cross-cluster collaboration and internationalisation, give added value, strengthen the value chain and also identify strategic European partners for support internationalisation actions of AdPack project partners and their members and help with the identification of third countries target markets.

The fifth task focuses on the identification of the partners in the third countries target market for supplying relevant information about the target market and supporting internationalisation actions of AdPack project partners and/or their SME to these markets. This task also includes the identification of strategic third countries target market partners for business collaboration of AdPack project partners and/or their SME.

The sixth task of this WP includes specific actions for active promotion of cross-border collaboration, trust building, matchmaking, networking and dissemination of the AdPack project partners and external partners. Within these actions are for example cluster visits, trainings, B2B, networking and matchmaking events, delegation trips, packing summit and final conference. In total it is foreseen to have 15 working mission events, which will take place in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic.