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About the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

For almost two centuries DTU, Technical University of Denmark, has been dedicated to fulfilling the vision of H.C. Ørsted – the father of electromagnetism – who founded the university in 1829 to develop and create value using the natural sciences and the technical sciences to benefit society.
Today, DTU is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe, continues to set new records in the number of publications, and persistently increase and develop our partnerships with industry, and assignments accomplished by DTU’s public sector consultancy.

Department of Energy Conversion and Storage

At the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage we work on sustainable energy technologies. In the energy system of the future a large part of the energy will be supplied by fluctuating sources such as solar and wind power. This makes it critically important to be able to convert and store the energy as needed.

DTU Energy Conversion coordinates the study line Hydrogen and Fuel Cells under the MSc program Sustainable Energy. The department moreover offers courses for this study line as well as for the study line Catalysis and Nanotechnology under the MSc program Advanced and Applied Chemistry.
Based on the research topics of the department we offer a number of Master’s projects. Interested students can go hunting in our list of project-proposals for the right project, field of study and/or a good advisor. And if you for some reason cannot find your dream-project here, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always open for new ideas.
We also have a strong commitment to researcher education with more than 60 PhD students taking part in the department’s dynamic, international research environment. Here you can read, why we think our department is the best place to study, and you can also read of the good experiences of former and current PhD-students.
You can also browse the program of our annual PhD-Summer School, where PhD-students meet researchers and professors from all over the world and by participating in seminars and workshops get updated in the new world class research and cutting edge technologies. Every PhD Summer School touch a new subject.

The research at DTU Energy Conversion focus on energy technologies for conversion and storage of energy. Our research span from fundamental materials investigations at the nanoscale to manufacture and test of components produced by industrially relevant processes. The research builds on strong competences within materials science, electrochemistry, synthesis, functional polymers and ceramics, thin films, modelling and characterization.

Below you can read more about the technologies we work on:



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