Address: Bärenhof 26A, 30823 Garbsen, Germany

Contact Person: Dr Alexander Minewitsch

Telefon: +49 5137 8259 02

Fax: +49 5137 8259 63

Website: http://www.ttzh.de/


TTZH is a remote team of top professionals managed from Headquarters in Germany.

The TTZH Tribologie & Hochtechnologie GmbH focuses on:

  • tribology research
  • surface technology
  • industry consulting
  • export / import of hi-tech products
  • emerging business worldwide

TTZH recommendations and choices are staying for the world best quality and reliability of the hi-tech products.

Services and Consulting:

  • Applied research and development
  • Selection and definition of R&D projects
  • Technical forecast
  • Analysis of damages, removal of mistakes, expert conclusions
  • Planning and control of projects
  • Execution of R&D projects
  • Investigation and evaluation of products, market analysis, competition, costs, structure, organization
  • Discovery and evaluation of potential worldwide sales partners
  • Strategic marketing, goal setting, marketing conception
  • Streamlining of development and construction processes
  • Meetings, seminars, exhibitions

Areas of Activities:

  • Tribology (macro-, micro-, nano-), greases and lubricants, roller and plain bearings, linear motion systems, maintenance etc.
  • Metal cutting and metalworking technologies, machine tools, rotary cutting, coated tools, material science, etc.
  • Vacuum equipment for deposition of coatings
  • Coating technology (PVD and CVD methods, electron beam technology, laser technology, ion implantation, etc.)
  • Surface characterization
  • Microtechnology, microsystems
  • Market analysis, concurrent engineering

Technical Sales:

  • Tribometers
  • 2D/3D surface profilometers
  • Sputtering targets
  • Cathodes
  • Tungsten carbide components and workpieces
  • Balls
  • Machine components
  • Material testers
  • etc.