Address: Sandhagenweg 2, 21436 Marschacht, Germany

Contact Person: Martin Willimzik

Telefon: +49 4176 9487 70

Fax: +49 4176 9487 717

Website: http://www.tigres-plasma.de


TIGRES GmbH was founded in the year 1993 in Hamburg. We have developed and produced highgrade stations for the treatment with electrical discharges at atmospheric pressure since the beginning. We see ourselves as a supplier of standards stations, as well as the developer of specific solutions. Today, the company offers work to 7 employees in Marschacht near Hamburg. Agents are found worldwide in many countries, for instance also in USA and China.

Our sales program includes among others stations for following areas:

  • webs (metallic foils and plastic films),
  • woven, non-woven, paper and foam,
  • cable, wires, tubes and profiles,
  • pieces,
  • specific research stations for private and public institutes,
  • and generator as OEM-goods.

The customer structure has changed, due to the development of the range of our products during the past years and includes today mechanical engineering, converting industry, cable-, automotive- and aircraft-industry as well as private and public research institutes.

The technology of our house is the result of own developments, which are performed by our staff based on their experience acquired during many years of working in their special fields. We acquire special engineering solutions from outside. Our contacts to several specific scientific institutes allow us to work also on unusual process engineering problems. All our stations are designed in our house and assembled from externally produced mechanical and electrical components. Sales occur in parts by external agents. We deliver worldwide. Our stations are combined from modules. We use standard blowers, which are modified for our requirements, to remove the exhaust gases. The electric power supplies, which we produce in small series, are adapted to the specific application. The corona-tools are often designed for the specific demands of the customer. Our stations obey all significant electric and security requirements. All our stations
exhibit the CE-sign.


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