Address: Dubnenskaya 6, 141800, M.O. Dmitrov, Russia

Contact Person: Vladimir Demidov

Telefon: +7 9852 1026 76

Fax: +7 4997 4771 09

Website: www.texplazma.ru


Texplazma is thermal spraying company, specialized in development & application of plasma spraying technology.
Thermal spray coatings are a highly cost-effective and straight-forward method for adding superior properties and performance qualities to a given engineering surface. The varieties of products and coatings that can be enhanced by thermal spray are virtually limitless. In the capacity of material we use ceramic, metallic, polymeric powder or a combination of these materials to have a range of physical criteria.
A strong electric arc is generated between a positively charged pole (anode) and a negatively charged pole (cathode). This ionizes the flowing process gases into the plasma state. Powdered feedstock material is injected into the plasma jet, melting the powder particles and propelling them to the surface of the workpiece. We have seven arc-heated plasma chambers, with different specifications, so we can create different coatings (wear resistance, low friction, decorative or corrosion protective & many others).

Texplazma works in two ways:

  • Create & covering new coatings for new details
  • Repair wearing members (machinery part) with thermal spraying coating in different industries

The second one is more popular in Russia. We also have great experience in reconstruction of details. We use different material and powder according to different client request. Together with that the company works out the technology of reconstruction according to the customer’s request including the matters of applying the covering and the matters of its processing to get the needed indexes. Once it is necessary we cooperate with different scientific organizations & institutions doing research in plasma spraying area. Texplazma is a member of Dmitrov Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which is associated with Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.