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SourceLAB SAS – Laser Plasma Technology for for innovative opto-plasma design and compact sources of particles and radiation

SourceLAB SAS is a spin-off from the Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée (LOA) that develops and commercializes innovative solutions for compact sources of particles and radiation (electrons, ions, X-rays and neutrons) using ultra-intense lasers. Our products meets the requirement in cutting-edge Opto-plasma equipment for research institution (especially in plasma physics), for non-destructive testing industrial companies, and soon for medical purposes with advanced X-ray imaging. Our product line covers mainly the following areas:

Laser and Plasma services

Academic: supports individuals and research groups eager to pursue their idea of challenging laser plasma interaction experiments. Depending on your needs, SourceLAB R&D team:

  • Advises you on laser plasma interaction control issues
  • Supports your device fabrication and design
  • Helps you to optimize the setup for your application
  • Installs your setup in your laboratory and sets up your experiment with you
  • Trains your team in laser plasma sciences
  • Answers all your questions about laser plasma interaction

Industrial: proposes beamline time to test different material samples and critical devices under intense laser-induced particle irradiation. We propose numerous options to fit exactly to your needs. Briefly, our offer breaks down as follows:

  • Discuss the problem and develop an “experimental” strategy
  • Prepare the samples/devices for irradiation
  • Measurements
  • Analyse the data interpreting the results
  • Reporting on the tests

Oor technology

Our new generation sources are based on the revolutionary technology of laser-plasma acceleration to provide the most intense acceleration that exists. With the controlled interaction of an intense laser as the primary source with target matter, a beam of particles and secondary source radiation can be generated with remarkable properties in terms of energy, pulse length and directional control.

SourceLAB proposes to provide targets of high-precision to control the interaction, along with all the environmental technology for the generation and the control of the desired secondary source.