Our services for cluster member

Registered as a non-profit association, BalticNet-PlasmaTec (BNPT) is an international cluster – located in Greifswald, Germany – which stands for a technology and market-oriented cooperation of science, research and economics in the field of plasma technology. As one of the most important plasma technology clusters in Europe, BNPT’s aim is to support technology- and research-oriented companies and application-oriented universities and research facilities to find the right partners and to establish sustainable cooperation across the borders. BNPT is also a contact partner for interested parties who intend to expand their own technical and economic potential in using the plasma technology.
The basic membership is free of charge.
Your benefits of being a member in BalticNet-PlasmaTec

  • Use Clou5 (our communication and cooperation platform) free of charge
  • Information about market-driven innovation & development
  • Contacts to / cooperation with companies and research facilities
  • Search of partners from R&D and from industry
  • Provide latest information and findings of leading experts
  • Presentation of R&D – results, services and products
  • Preparation of market and feasibility study e.g. for R&D – results
  • Technology marketing for new procedures & products
  • Support application and development of plasma technologies
  • Concrete help to set-up cross-border project consortia and to apply for international projects
  • Preparation and coordination of projects & cooperation
  • Acquisition and organization of projects (EU)
  • Training on the job (learning by doing)
  • Placement for PhD students
  • Organisation of staff exchange
  • Organisation and management of professional events, fairs, workshops, delegation journeys etc.
  • Member presentation during events, fairs, workshops, delegation journeys etc.
  • Website with a profile of each member
  • Joint PR and marketing activities



  • Get to know companies, research facilities and universities from across the borders
  • Create synergies between companies, research institutes and universities
  • Find opportunities for cooperation
  • Develop innovative, joint cross-border R&D and technology projects
  • Open up new markets
  • Collective strategic actions
  • Packaging of the single-actions of each member
  • Pushing of the Know-How-Process and build-up of knowledge
  • Watching trends and main aspects of research and technology
  • Give impulses and arrange projects i.e. on EU-level
  • Supporting experience- and knowledge exchange in field of plasma technology
  • Disseminate the plasma technology