Address: P.O. Box 41, SE-813 21 Hofors, Sweden

Contact Person: Patrik Hilding

Telefon: +46 2907 6780 0

Website: www.scanarc.se


ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB is based in beautiful Hofors in Sweden. We develop high temperature metallurgical processes based on the plasma technology for extraction of valuables from industrial and hazardous waste. The plasma technology is a cost effective and environmentally sound technique for transferring electrical energy into high temperatures. ScanArc has developed and used plasma technology in commercial scale metallurgical processes for more than 20 years. We focus on the recycling of industrial and hazardous waste as we believe that the competitive edge of our technology is significant in this area.

About us

Our main objective is to provide, develop, service and advice clients on thermal processes and applications based on plasma technology. Our experience is available on a consulting basis to provide engineering, technical, economic, operational and marketing services with emphasis on metallurgical, chemical and environmental processes. ScanArc’s laboratory and pilot plant facilities in Hofors, Sweden, comprise the most advanced capability in the world for developing new processes and applications based on non-transferred plasma energy.

Plasma Generators

A plasma generator is a device for transforming electric energy into heat energy carried by a gas. ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB manufactures non-transferred, segmented type plasma generators in which a gas is heated by an electric arc to high temperature. The electric arc is established between tubular electrodes made of micro alloyed copper. Tubular spacers are used to obtain a suitable distance between the electrodes. The spacers are electrically insulated from each other and from the electrodes. The plasma gas is introduced tangentially between the segments at high velocity resulting in a swirling action that stabilises the arc. With plasma generators, virtually any gas can be heated to the plasma state. The heat energy carried by the gas can be utilized for heating, gasification and chemical reactions, which take place in a reaction chamber in front of the plasma generator. The plasma generators transform 85%-90% of the electric energy supplied to them into usable heat energy. ScanArc has developed plasma generators in four different sizes, named the 3-, 4, 7- and 5- series as noted in the diagram where the operating ranges are indicated. Within each generator series, the geometry can be optimised for a specific desired operating envelope.

Thermal Processes

ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB offer flexible high temperature processes for treatment of industrial and hazardous waste:

  • Extraction of valuables and metal recovery
  • Formation of leach stable slags
  • Vitrification of flue dust and ashes
  • Destruction of ozone depleting substances

Our main processes are the ArcFume, ODS Destruction, PyroArc, PlasmaSmelt and VitroArc processes.

Pilot Plant

ScanArc Plasma Technologies pilot plant facilities are located in Hofors, Sweden. In our pilot plant we demonstrate our processes in a semi-commercial scale.Together with our customers we design and perform test campaigns based on the each specific material. Plasma generators are developed and serviced in our special workshop. Our personnel have many years of experience in development, implementation and operation of high temperature processes and applications in plasma arc energy.