Address: 1 Kalku Street, Riga, Latvia

Contact Person: Prof. Yuri Dekhtyar, Prof. Dagnija Blumberga

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About the Riga Technical University

The Riga Technical University (RTU) is the oldest and the second largest institution of higher education in Latvia. It was founded in 1862 as the Riga Polytechnic — a private institution. RTU is a centre for education of engineers in Latvia offering wide possibilities for acquiring higher education with an access to highly developed research facilities. There are 30 research laboratories and centres and 33 research institutes. Academic staff comprising 103 chairs and professor’s groups is committed to helping the students to achieve high research-focussed standards. RTU scientists are involved in many international projects.

Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Nanotechnology Institute

  • Characterisation of nano films and nano particles: surface charge, its time and temperature induced relaxation; local electron states, etc.
  • Modification/ functionalisation of charge of the surface, thin films, nano particles
  • Provision of collaboration to microbiologists
  • Solid State Physics: Investigations of imperfections in solid states/semiconductors, thin films and boundaries between them and a wafer
  • Electron Spectroscopy: Photoelectron and Exoelectron Spectroscopy; Development of Exoelectron Spectrometers
  • Contact person: Professor Yuri Dekhtyar


Institute of Inorganic Chemistry/Laboratory of Plasma Processes

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry conducts theoretical and applied investigations in areas of inorganic chemistry, chemical technology and materials sciences. Main research areas of the Laboratory of Plasma Processes:

  • Plasma chemistry and technology
  • Chemical methods for manufacturing of ultrafine powders of oxides (combustion synthesis, molten salts route, hydrothermal synthesis)
  • Characterisation of nanosized particles
  • Application of nanosized powders (with cooperation partners)


Institute of Energy Systems and Environment

Institute of Energy Systems and Environment (VASSI) provides qualitative environmental studies and scientific research cooperating with other educational institutions as well as intervene into local and international projects with a goal to obtain active scientific movement in field of energy and environment and to advance sustainable technical solution development what is based on natural resources conservation and elimination of pollution. Institute of Energy Systems and Environment underfoot lay 3 scientific research laboratories. Green laboratory – the main activities are connected to research of environmental politics, development of environmentally friendly energy solutions, solving issues of environmental politics, development of green strategies, as well as consultations for governmental and non-governmental organizations regarding environmental and energy issues. Contact person: Prof. Dagnija Blumberga.