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Address: street Varanini, 27, 20127, Milano, Italy

Telefon: +39 0236 5126 33

PromoBeta Ltd. company is made up of a network of consultants specializing in environmental consulting to companies and individuals. PromoBeta provides environmental consulting services “Turnkey hand”, making research and innovation, studies sector, feasibility studies and environmental analyzes and availing Support of professional employees working in field of Environmental Sciences with the understanding that the knowledge transfer is strategic for the development businesses and competitiveness in the area. PromoBeta is the general contractor for all activities and redevelopment projects construction, energy and environment both in civil and industrial and commercial. PromoBeta is able to operate with staff qualified in all areas that require expertise, capacity and resource optimization, environmental and economic.

The main areas of intervention are:


  • Integrated systems of waste management
  • Developing new technologies for waste treatment
  • Systems and storage facilities and gas distribution technicians, petroleum products(design, supply and management)
  • Products and systems for the production, recovery and use of waste for energy purposes
  • Negotiation and contracting of licenses, patents and technology solutions in the environmental sector

Environmental (technologies)

  • Identification, characterization and remediation of polluted sites
  • Development of sustainable solutions for the rehabilitation environmental (assessment of technical rehabilitation of contaminated soils and sediments)
  • Site investigation
  • Site remediation

Environmental (consulting)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)
  • Updates and regulatory changes, training plans
  • Programs of environmental management, waste management, laboratory analyses
  • Energy certification of buildings, energetic diagnosys
  • Certified environmental management systems environmental (ISO 14001, EMAS), analysis of the life cycle (LCA), eco-labeling (ISO 14020 – Eco-label); indicators and indices (ISO 14031
  • Workshops

PromoBeta is able to meet every need of customers in terms of analysis of environmental matrices (water, soil, air), placing laboratories affiliated and accredited:

  • Laboratory of Environmental Acoustics
  • Laboratory of Thematic Cartography
  • Laboratory of Ecotoxicology
  • Laboratory of Ecology
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Toxicology
  • Laboratory of Chemistry of the Atmosphere
  • Laboratory of Environmental modeling