Address: EL – 55, M.I.D.C., Bhosari, Pune – 411 026, India

Contact Person: Arundhati Thomas

Telefon: +91 2027 1253 99

Fax: +91 2027 1230 62

Website: http://www.plazmasolutions.com/


About Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Plazma is a dedicated customer-innovation company. With consistent, focused plasma cutting R&D driven by a vast customer base. Since 1994 Plazma Technologies, India has maintained long-term growth of turnover & profit, based on continuous development of self financed proprietary technology innovations. Its founders Hughen and Arundhati share their passion with over 1,000 Plazma machine and 30 robotic system users. This passion has resulted in numerous Patents and awards. Plazma is positioned to initiate a multi-year growth plan to capture market share in the growth segment of the robotic enhanced cutting market to take it from a current turnover run rate of $3.5 Million to $100 Million in 5 years. The RoboPlazma™ System is made of standardized configurable robotic modules with unique proprietary software and patented high performance plasma torches successfully proven on 35 shop floors in India, M East, and USA. RoboPlazma™ is ready for a Global leap. Its proprietary RoboSwift™ software drives world’s most intelligent and self leaning RoboPlazma™ system to deliver all the requirements of the Fabrication Industry.

The optimum solution is an intelligent machine

Programmed to assimilate shop floor and-‘Domain Knowledge’ and labour skills. RoboPlazma™ is an audacious integration of Robot customized software and Plazma cutting. The first of its kind worldwide will place your company on the global map as an equal player with an unequalled edged advantage.
RoboSwift enables error-free production with direct ‘Design to shop floor’ programming. This customized software has all Plazma’s cutting process knowledge fed into it. All the operator has to do is focus on production cycle times. Multiple operations such as cutting, drilling, marking, bevelling in one set-up. This increases throughput in a reduced factory space-directly transforming your bottom-line. Coherent Plazma Torches (patented internationally) delivers ‘Knife Edged Cutting’ requiring negligible, post-cut cleanup. Laser-like sheet metal cutting: Coherent Plazma with robotic controls is revolutionary. It delivers a precise quantum of plasma energy to cut sheet. This eliminates heating and micro-structural distortion. Inherent sensing intelligence enables auto job alignment, 3D Arc voltage sensing for cutting and bevelling. Robotic material handling: Every stage from raw material storage to stacked, finished components is RoboPlazma™ driven and interfaced.