Address: Brandteichstr. 20, 17489 Greifswald, Germany

Contact Person: Alexander Schwock

Telefon: +49 3834 5501 02

Fax: +49 3834 5501 10


Plazma Innovation GmbH

Plazma Innovation GmbH is a start-up company based at Greifswald. It’s research field will be the use of optimized plasma torches for local energy generation from industrial waste. The founder of Plazma Innovation, Hughen is also the founder CEO of leading Indian company Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. dedicatedly working in the field of Plasma cutting since last 2 decades with over 1000 Customer base and driven by consistent, focused R&D.
Company vision is to market RoboPlazma™, robotic based 3D plasma cutting systems with indigenous developed technology with world wide international patents.
RoboPlazma™ Cutting System made of standardized configurable robotic modules with unique proprietary RoboSwift software and patented high performance Plazma torches. This technology is successfully proven on shop floors of over 30 customers in India, the Middle East, and USA. It senses, adapts and compensates for the inaccuracies associated with manual production inefficiencies. Unlike conventional robots, RoboPlazma™ generates new programs continuously, as required during production. It’s world’s first plate/beam cutting and coping system capable of processing all types of raw materials (plate, I- beam, pipe, tube, channel, angle, and flat) required by steel fabricators. Its simple construction eliminates high capital, training, and servicing costs for maintaining multiple machines.
Cutting of hot material up to 1200 degrees Celsius can be done due to it’s energy-intensive cooling. This system is the first of its kind worldwide and it is a one-machine solution designed to eliminate costly complexities and repeated material handling of traditional steel mills. RoboPlazma™ is a flexible, precision system that combines robotics, high speed plasma cutting and intelligent software.
This system is not only revolutionary but also cost-effective in the following manner:

  • Elimination of secondary cutting operation
  • High speed cutting capability of special plasma arc

Its major uses are for Structural, Plate and Sheet Metal, Dish End, Pipe, Auger cutting besides standard plate cutting, beveling, coping, slotting, cutting holes.



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