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Company profile PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH
PlaTeG-PulsPlasma®Nitriding Systems

Gear wheels of wind turbines, forging dies, tools and wear parts for automotive or oilfield applications are subjected different conditions in daily use which make high demands on wear resistance, corrosion resistance and temperature stability. Without a proper heat- and surface-treatment these components would not survive such complex loads for a longer time. PlaTeG’s PulsPlasma®Surface treatments for such components are energy-and resource effective surface heat treatment processes for increasing the wear and corrosion resistance and getting more and more importance as alternatives to case hardening. Based on more than 25 years of experience in development and manufacturing  of machines for Plasma surface treatments the PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH now produces the PlaTeG equipment  for  PulsPlasma®Surface treatment of components made of steel, cast iron and sintered iron as market leader in this field. By means of the special PlaTeG-PulsPlasma®Technology surfaces of components can be hardened and refined in a way, that wear and corrosion is reduced and the component life time can be extended. PlaTeG’s Low-pressure plasma plants with medium frequency-, radio frequency- or microwave stimulation can be used to activate, clean and sterilize plastic, metal and textile surfaces to improve their properties.


You are looking for the world’s best vacuum and plasma systems?
We provide engineering excellence to advance your process

  • Plants for PulsPlasma®Nitriding/Nitrocarburising, PulsPlasma®Oxidation for wear and corrosion
  • Plants for Plasma Activation of polymer and metal surfaces for surface degreasing and
    improvement of wettability, varnishability and bondability
  • Plants for Plasma Sterilisation of medical components


Our Processes:

  • PulsPlasma® Nitriding
  • PulsPlasma® Oxidation
  • PulsPlasma® CVD
  • Plasma Fine Cleaning
  • Plasma Activation
  • Plasma Polymerization
  • Plasma Sterilization