Address: Robert-Blum-Str. 21, 09116 Chemnitz, Germany

Contact Person: Andreas Böhm

Telefon: +49 3718 0817 90

Fax: +49 3718 0817 92

Website: www.plasmanitriertechnik.de


Plasmanitriertechnik Dr. Böhm GmbH – Hard and distorsion resistant

A special treatment to harden materials with low temperatures. Plasmanitriertechnik Dr. Böhm is a german based SME, specialized on plasma heat treatment. Its machines energy efficient principle allows a surface treatment of steel based materials with nitrogen. Due to its low temperatures in the range of 350 up to 450 °C the procedure offers a high grade of hardness
and dimensional accuracy. The equipment for plasma nitriding and nitrocarburization is built in various dimensions, the diameters vary from 350 to 1500mm and the heights from 500 to 1700mm. With an additional post oxidation process it is possible to increase the corrosion resistance of the parts. Based on the kind of steel it is possible to reach a surface hardness from 350 up to 1200 HV1. The depth of the layer can be up to 0,8 mm. Plasmanitriding and -nitrocarburizing can be used applied on parts like gears, valves, shafts, plungers, nozzels and a lot of tools. Parts of some grams up to 2 tons can be treated.


Plasmanitriertechnik Dr. Böhm GmbH – Plasma Heat Treatment

Collision Processes at the Surface

  • Heating of surfaces / parts of the surface
  • Reactions with surface
  • Cleaning of surfaces (sputtering)
  • Inclusion of atoms within parts of the surface


Plasmanitriertechnik Dr. Böhm GmbH – Advantages of the Plasma Nitriding

  • Final cleaning within plasma
  • Non-passivation of surfaces (high-alloyed steels, titanium)
  • Less uptake rate of gases
  • Short treating times
  • Specific control of the results of the process
  • Cleaning after the process not necessary