Address: Malookhtinsky prospect 68, Business Center “Petrel” 103, St. Petersburg, Russia

Contact Person: Dr Pavel Topolyanskiy

Telefon: +7 8124 4493 37

Fax: +7 8125 2874 84

Website: www.plasmacentre.ru


Plasmacentre Ltd. was founded January 30, 1991 from scientists and experts, and the Faculty of Technology of Materials, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Many employees of the company are parallel to the scientific and teaching activities at the university with more than 25 years engaged in the problems of protective coating, hardening, and welding.

The development of technology, manufacturing and supply of equipment for:

  • Finishing plasma hardening with the application of diamond-like coating
  • Spark alloying
  • Flame-spraying
  • High-speed deposition techniques HVOF, HVAF
  • Air-plasma spraying
  • Detonation spraying
  • Cold gas dynamic spraying
  • Plasma deposition and plasma-powder cladding-coating (RTA) process
  • Plasma quenching
  • Plasma modification and activation of the surface
  • Plasma deposition of polymer materials
  • PVD and CVD processes

Execution of works on strengthening and recovery of parts, coating deposition methods, sputtering and deposition. Organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, schools of technology of repair, restoration and strengthening of machine parts, tools, equipment, tools and tooling. Training and consulting in the field of welding, cutting, welding, coating, hardening, modification,



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