At the moment we have six different working groups. Suggestions for new working groups are always welcome. If you would like to join one of the groups, please get in contact with us.

Our working groups are topic or country specific groups. They provide an opportunity for our members with similar interests to discuss, lobby, promote and explore particular these areas.

Working group Plasma & Education

Common international education – “Understanding plasma”

The working group Plasma & Education organises industrial placements, on-the-job training, advanced training and events for employees and as well as students like summer schools and workshops.

Working group Plasma & Marketing

Technology/Scientific marketing – “Making plasma technology more visible”

All activities to increase the visibility of plasma technology and the growth of the BalticNet-PlasmaTec cluster are bundled in the working group Plasma & Marketing.

Main goal of the working group Plasma & Russia is to initiate cooperation between Russian partners and other members of the cluster.

Working group Plasma & Surfaces

Modification of surfaces – “Plasma technologies for functional surfaces“

The Plasma & Surfaces working group concentrate on e.g. activation, cleaning, coating, etching etc. on functional surfaces.

Working group Plasma & Environment

Applications of plasma for environmental protection – “Plasma technologies for a healthier environment“

The working group Plasma & Environment focuses on plasma application for environment protection. The main topics are: exhaust gas and air cleaning, especially the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the NOx and SOx reduction; water cleaning using plasma based advanced oxidation processes (PbAOP); waste to energy conversion including energy storage and substitution of wet chemistry for coatings.

Working group Plasma & Bio

Combination of plasma technology with life sciences – “Plasma technologies for a healthier life“

The main interest of the working group Plasma & Bio is the combination of physical plasma with life science and medicine. Our member in this working group cooperate in the area of: Plasma Medicine (e.g. application of plasma technologies for wound healing, decontamination, therapy of skin diseases, etc.), Plasma for Food (e.g. decontamination of food, decontamination during production process, etc.) and Plasma for Biotechnology (e.g. support of immobilisation of bioactive substances, etc.)


Our working groups