Considering the general purpose of AdPack2, all AdPack2 activities aim to support collaboration agreements between AdPack2 SME members and counterparts in target countries. This support can by indirect (by setting the conditions, by collaborating with intermediary organisations) or direct (by providing internationalisation services).

In terms of its impact in the establishment of business partnership agreements, main AdPack2 activities are related with the organisation of online matchmakings with potential partners and organisation of internationalisation missions to meet and negotiate with potential partners. These activities are implemented with a set of high-potential AdPack2 SME members, selected through a call for expression of interest process. Additionally, AdPack2 SME members will be encouraged and

supported to participate in other international missions not organised by the partnership. AdPack2 will implement another internationalisation services, including the ambassadors, market intelligence and support in the preparation and negotiation of cooperation agreements.