Address: Miera Str. 34, LV-2169 Salaspils, Latvia

Contact Person: Dr Leonids Stafeckis

Telefon: +371 6794 4794

Fax: +371 6794 4792

Website: www.neomat.lv


Neomat was established in 1992 on the basis of the Special technological Bureau of Inorganic Materials of the Academy of Sciences of Latvia , which had operated since 1976 as a provider of high-tech raw materials for Soviet military and space industry. Neomat’s team of scientists and engineers have developed and improved methods of producing new nanodispersed powders to be used in powder metallurgy for manufacturing of parts for aeronautics and aircraft industry, electronics, energetics. Neomat Co. was one of the first in the field of nanopowders in the Soviet Union. Nanopowders manufactured by Neomat Co. were used for the Soviet space-shuttle BURAN, which was successfully launched in 1988, as well as for armour, for ceramic engines and for electronic applications. Today Neomat Co. has customers and partners in the EU, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Japan and other countries to whom it supplies a wide range of nanodispersed powders of binary compounds and multicomponent composites for different industrial and scientific applications.

Scientists and engineers of Neomat Co. have taken part in a number of international conferences on powder metallurgy, plasmachemical synthesis etc. Over 50 papers published in scientific journals include significant results of investigation of the regularity of forming nanodispersed powders and influence of their properties on the properties of materials manufactured from these powders. Neomat Co. has taken part in EUREKA E 3444 project “New technology of roll production”, as well as in EUREKA E!4156 project “New technology for manufacturing of ceramic balls for special-purpose bearings for hostile environment”. Currently Neomat Co. participates in EUROSTARS E!6237 project “Development of Series Production Technology of Faceted Cutting Inserts based on Ceramic Nano-Composites using FAST/SPS Method (SeProFAST)”. Innovators in advanced nanopowders technology, Neomat’s engineering staff is applying the latest technological techniques and knowledge to add real value to ceramic and metal powders produced by the company. Annual installed capacity of the equipment of Neomat Co. reaches up to 2000 kg of highest quality nanopowders. Capacity can be easily increased in case of higher demand.


Merits of plasma chemical synthesis technology developed and used by Neomat Co.. Neomat Co. has extensive experience in the field of nanoparticles production and applications and is constantly developing new approaches for the production of ceramic and metal nanopowders. Neomat´s plasma chemical synthesis technology is based on the know-how that has been developed during the years, enabling the company to deal with the delicate adjustment of powders to a wide range of particle sizes and applications. The low temperature plasma is a heat source of enormous power and versatility, combining the clean and almost mass-less heat with the stability and control. The result is heat without combustion and chemical reactions without contamination up to very high temperatures.

The main advantages of our technology are the following:

Technology of plasmachemical synthesis provides producing of nanodispersed powders of binary compounds and multicomponent composites with predetermined chemical and phase composition of a high degree of homogeinity in one stage process. Purity of final product depends only on the purity of raw materials, and reaches up to 99,6%, the powder dispersion is in the range of 25 – 80 nm.
Nanodispersed powders, synthesized in low-temperature plasma, due to their properties like high purity and surface activity considerably affect the physico-chemical and physico- mechanical characteristics of ceramic materials, which provides manufacturing practically non-porous articles with fine-grained structure; articles` sintering temperature compared to powder metallurgy` methods is lowered.
The technology is flexible. The unique equipment provides fast transition from one grade of nano-dispersed powder to another in very wide range, just by use of interchangeable units for producing of various nanopowders on any of equipment.

Neomat A/S Products:

Commercially produced nanopowders:

  • Nitrides (TiN, AlN, Si3N4)
  • Oxides (TiO2 , Al2O3 , SiO2)
  • Carbides (SiC)
  • Pure metals (Cu, Sn and others)
  • Composites (TiCN, Si3N4 -Y2O3 , Si3N4 -Y2O3 -Al2O3, Si3N4 -MgO)

Nanopowders on special orders:

  • Nitrides (ZrN, NbN, AlN-TiN, Si3N4 -AlN, Si3N4 -ZrN etc.)
  • Nitrides-Borides (TiN-TiB2 , ZrN-ZrB2)
  • Composites (TiN-TiC, Al2O3 -Mo-TiN)
  • other combinations