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MB Bioksa

Bioksa is the R&D company, which aims to develop and upscale innovative drinking water purification and wastewater treatment technologies for industry and smart cities.

Based on specific methods of our technologies, higher efficiencies and costeffective outputs are being achieved, in comparison with traditional techniques.

The general focus of Bioksa is to apply plasma based advanced oxidation and/or biological processes for water treatment. With high degree of our team knowledge and because of processes versatility, our techniques can be easily applied to treat various streams, polluted with e.g. personal care products (PCPs), pesticides, oil products, various resistant to biodegradation organic compounds, bacteria and protozoa, etc. Therefore it easily can be applied in industry facilities, office buildings, residential areas, municipalities, hospitals, etc.


  • Biological and advanced oxidation processes for water treatment
  • Adsorption and filtration processes for water treatment
  • Disinfection technologies for treatment of micro–biologically unstable water
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Sensoring and water quality monitoring
  • Automation of industrial water treatment processes
  • Consultancy and problem solving assistance for industrial parties
  • Technological assistance for the development of technologies for smart cities and industry

Also in close cooperation with our partners we provide variosity of R&D knowledge based solutions, working in various sectors:

  • Air pollution management and control
  • Programming and robotics for industry and smart cities
  • Environmental nanotechnologies

Energy (electricity and heating) efficient buildings


Bioksa team is mainly composed from the PhD specialists in environmental/chemical engineering and biotechnology. This leads to the multidisciplinary background and helps to solve diverse issues in water sector more effectively together with a close cooperation of on the leading universities in Lithuania – Kaunas University of Technology.


Plasma based advanced oxidation for water treatment

Plasma based ozonation technology is being applied for the removal of resistant to biodegradation organic matter from polluted water. We investigate and apply efficient ozone generation and dissolution techniques in water. Moreover, Bioksa team has acknowledged how to combine UV photolysis together with ozonation, to achieve more efficient system. Such technique enhances the process to explore and apply this hybrid system to remove personal care products, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics etc., from secondary WWTP effluent, pharmaceutical industry wastewater, textile wastewater, recirculation water in smart cities water production/treatment plants and to disinfect microbiologically polluted water in much efficient manner.

Biological processes for water treatment

Our specialists investigate and apply biological activated carbon technology to purify wastewater streams from textile industry, oil production and ballast ships cleaning facilities, plastic production industry, food processing plants, recirculation flows in smart water production/treatment plants. Moreover, we also combine advanced oxidation techniques with biological processes, to enhance the removal of slowly biodegradable organic compounds and oxidation by-products.


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