Address: ul. Waly Chrobrego 1-2, 70-500 Szczecin, Poland

Contact Person: Prof. Zofia Jóźwiak

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About Maritime University of Szczecin

The Maritime University of Szczecin is a technical school with over a 60-year-old tradition. In three faculties (Faculty of Navigation, Faculty of Marine Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering) offering 9 specializations study 4 000 students a year. Our mission is to educate highly qualified maritime staff i.e. navigators and mechanics answering the needs of contemporary transport and fishing fleet as well as offshore staff prepared to implement computer software and systems for supporting transfer of information in the transport-forwarding-logistics industry.
The University has over 100 well-equipped laboratories, a modern research-training vessel the m/s Nawigator XXI and 16 technically most advanced simulators: Marine Centrifugal Pump’s Simulator, Ship Handling Simulator, Anti-Collision ARPA Simulator, Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Simulator, Vessel Traffic System (VTS) Simulator, Satellite Communication System Simulator – GMDSS, Hydro-Acoustic Simulator, Autopilot Simulator, Radar Simulator, Cargo Handling Simulator, Fishing Simulator, Operational Engine Room Simulator, Graphical Engine Room Simulator, Refrigeration Simulator, Marine Centrifugal Pump’s Simulator, Full-Mission Bridge Simulator with several virtual bridges and Engine Room Simulator.
They make our University one of the best-equipped maritime universities in the world. To add, we participate in numerous international projects and actively apply for funds to the EU funding instruments. In the years 2007-2013 we gained over 18 mln € for different purposes, from research through lifelong learning to infrastructure.


  • Faculty of Navigation
  • Faculty of Marine Engineering
  • Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering


Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering

Established in 2002, Economics and Transport Engineering is Maritime University’s newest faculty. Its two fields of studies, Production Management and Engineering and Transport, offer a number of courses applicants can choose from. The first vintage graduates completed their first degree courses at full- and part-time studies. Faculty graduates of first degree studies are granted a diploma of engineer (inżynier) in the chosen field and course and are well educated for undertaking professional tasks. They are prepared to implement and use computer software for modeling and designing computer systems for supporting transfer of information in the transport industry, taking into account advanced methods and technologies in transport and latest information technologies in transport-forwarding-logistics.

The graduate profile features:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of technologies and management
  • Good knowledge of English and/or German
  • Knowledge of production processes
  • Capability of integrated transport management
  • Ability to implement technological developments
  • Continuing self-education

The Faculty curriculum has been elaborated to include theoretical and practical problems in economics, engineering and technology, making graduates capable of taking responsible decisions and solving specific problems using latest IT methods and technologies.
At present four courses of study are offered within Management and Engineering of Production, where first degree is awarded, equivalent to Bachelor’s degree in most universities:

  • Logistics and management in European transport system
  • Management of production quality and integrated transport
  • Management of production and transport safety and security systems
  • Water tourism

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