Address: 1020 Lauro Vannucci Street, Jd. Santa Candida, Campinas – SP, Brazil

Contact Person: Guilherme Gonçalves

Telefon: +55 1937 5654 33

Website: www.limpgas.com.br


History of Limpgas Tecnologia Ltda

Limpgas Tecnologia is a clean technology-based company spin-off from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), incubated by the Center for the Support of Enterprise Development at the CIATEC Technology Park in Campinas (São Paulo). Our company is a pioneer in the development of cutting-edge technologies to reduce and neutralize emissions of greenhouse gases and other atmospheric pollutants. Our technology is made possible through innovation in physical processes using nanocatalysts and low-temperature plasma reactors.
Since 2009 we have worked to become a leading startup in clean technologies. In 2009-2010 we were awarded a grant by the PRIME program of the Brazilian Innovation Agency (FINEP) which aimed to support the management structuring of the main technology-based companies in the country.
The advancement of scientific research and the incessant search for private and public support led in 2012 to our selection by FINEP and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation as one of the 12 most innovative emerging sustainable companies in Brazil. Among the other eleven companies, we participated in the Sustainable Brazil Venture Forum and had the honor to represent the country in the Expo Brazil Sustainable during Rio+20.
In addition, we presented a paper at the Planet Under Pressure conference, the scientific arm of Rio+20, exposing our views about the development of clean technologies, which later was invited as a chapter of the book Climate Change and Global Policy Regimes: towards institutional legitimacy published in 2013 by Palgrave Macmillan.
In 2012-2013, Limpgas Business Model was rated by sustainability experts and private investors and was named one of the 6 best models of sustainable business in Brazil and selected as finalist both in the 2012 Getúlio Vargas Foundation Startup Challenge (the main startup competition in Brazil) and in the Analysis of Sustainable Businesses Module at the 2013 Ethos Conference.
Scientific and technological advances obtained so far are very promising and indicate the technical and economic viability of an industrial solution that can neutralize, in the medium term, the main greenhouse gases. This solution will generate a huge social, environmental and economic impact for Brazil and the entire planet. All this is made possible by the gathering of a top-notch multidisciplinary group of scientists and consultants accustomed to numerous challenges that aim to improve quality of life and the reversal of environmental change caused by human activity.

Sustainability Vision

We are very proud to be above all committed to the well being of the planet. Always seeking to shift technological and cultural paradigms to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and society.
Our commitment to planetary sustainable development is what motivates us to continue fighting for the necessary changes that can contribute to the progress of society. In addition, we want to be a transforming agent of the current reality and help build a better future for present and future generations.
Our business model is not based on any conventional company, and was designed with the goal to enhance and optimize the well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers, the community and especially the environment where all we are placed.
The concept of “cleaning the air” or “air depollution” is a very new concept and has been introduced and discussed by the Limpgas Team in seminars, conferences and lectures at home and abroad.
Cleaning the air we breathe and that is a major contributor to life is what drives this small group of scientists to confront any mechanistic logic associated with climate change skeptics. And seek to develop effective and practical solutions for the rebalancing of element Air and of life on Earth.

Research, Development and Innovation

Limpgas Technology emerges as a R&D&I company that intends to disrupt the market for technologies that neutralize emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. Limpgas’s research on emission reduction is framed at the world frontier of innovations neutralizing emissions by any process.
Limpgas Tecnology’s lines of research:

  • Nanocatalysts: Limpgas developed new techniques and processes for surface treatment in the manufacturing of nanostructures applicable to various types of materials such as titanium, diamond-like carbon (DLC), bioglass, polymers, ceramics etc. These new developments provide support for catalysts with structure and contact surface often superior to those developed by conventional chemical processes. It is in these sponges with highly effective areas that we also implement by physical process the nanoparticles of catalytic materials. Thus, it is the sum of the processes of manufacturing the support (sponge) and the manufacture and deployment of nanoparticles which enables the technology of Limpgas nanocatalysts.
  • Cold Plasma: cold plasma or low-temperature plasma is currently considered a driving force in the evolution of science and applied physics, and can be used in optimizing many industrial processes that are currently inefficient or polluting. Plasma is the 4th state of matter and there it can be observed characteristics of the matter beyond classical physics. Cold plasma is the plasma vacuum generated, which can be done in very specific conditions of pressure and difference in electric potential, enabling the conditions to develop new inventions.

Limpgas is the first company in Brazil to research, develop and apply cold plasma to the reduction and neutralization of emissions of greenhouse and other gases that are harmful to the environment.
The plasma enables the breakdown of gas molecules or compounds that are not broken by nanocatalysts, presenting a unique complement to the research with nanocatalysts.
Limpgas Reactors: the reactors thus represent the combination of the two lines of research and which are the two main national innovations related to neutralization of emissions: nanocatalysts and the application of low-temperature plasma.
We are working and dedicated to developing and commercializing by 2020 the first technological innovation available in the global market that neutralizes 100% of greenhouse gases emitted by power plants.
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