PlasTEP-project-reactor-at-DTUThe Project

The pollution control is a transnational request of all countries and a strategic aim of the European Union. This is also reflected in the increasing tightening of the exhaust emission standards particularly in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) countries. The objective of the project is to push plasma based cleaning technologies of atmospheric air and water treatment to a visible practical application.

We would like to raise wide awareness about the practical applications of plasma technology for environmental protection.

The public should know that PlasTEP contributes to a better future by cleaning exhaust gases or wastewater. We will disseminate and foster plasma based technological innovations for the environment protection in the BSR. We will also build up a network to combine the existing knowledge about plasma technologies with partners from industry, science and policy.

This project is one of 22 new transnational projects of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. It is contributing to the EU Strategy for the BSR and it is part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund). It aims to bring the idea of investing in plasma technology and therewith in future research into the minds of decision makers and show them: Plasma opens new ways!

Plasma technology breaks new ground and gives us the chance for environment-friendly industrialisation, which means that it is not necessary to miss the advantage of modern time beside reducing air pollution.

The Work Packages

The working field of the PlasTEP project is separated into different work packages (WP).

WP 0: Preparation activities
WP 1: Project Management and Administration
WP 2: Communication and Information
WP 3: Plasma technologies sustainability analysis and integration into the educational process
WP 4: Plasma based cleaning of exhaust gases of combustion
WP 5: Removal of organic/hazardous compounds and aerosols from gases
WP 6: Plasma technologies for water cleaning

Here you will find more information about PlasTEP.

An informational tool for selection of plasma technology for environmental protection you can find here.