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Contact Person: Dr Torsten Will

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About IMT Impreglon Material Technology GmbH

IMT is an internationally active technology company specialising in surface and material technologies for applications in the technical, medical and energy fields. Our goal is to become the market leader in long-lasting reliable products which improve the quality of life. All our products are tested using objective and transparent methods for their physical and chemical durability and effectiveness and their biological acceptability. The company is based in the north of Germany in Lübeck, a member of the historic Hanseatic League of trading cities. Our highly qualified employees are very satisfied with their place of work and with the quality of urban and cultural life in East Holstein. This ensures good continuity, growing quality consciousness and – last but not least – an innovative spirit throughout IMT s workforce. We respect ecological, legal and ethical principles and national and cultural individualities and values. Our guiding principles are based on mutual respect and a sense of responsibility towards our clients and partners. Since its foundation in 1987 IMT has been developing its own coatings and technologies using modern environmentally friendly ion- and plasma-supported surface and material treatment techniques and putting them to successful use in technical, medical and energetic applications.


Top class coating technology
Our technologies are based on cerid® coatings (ceramic oxid, nitrid, carbid) already known under this trade mark. Our cerid® coatings have defined and reproducible properties. Combined coating processes and plants of the highest grade are essential for their manufacture. We are specialists in surface and material technology. As well as developing tailor-made surfaces and materials we are also constantly working to improve the techniques and equipment involved.


Biocompatible coatings play a hugely important role in medicine, especially in implantology where they have become an established feature. Whether an implant is successfully incorporated into the body’s tissues depends crucially on its biocompatibility, especially that of the surface, and on its durability and long-term stability in situ. The specifications for implants are enormously demanding and can only be met with the aid of modern material science. Hip implants, for example, must last for 20 years and more without wear and tear, without being replaced and without causing inflammatory reactions in the body. In collaboration with research institutes and experienced implantologists IMT has devoted its attention to these questions and developed biocompatible coatings that have gained an excellent clinical track record over more than 15 years. cerid®– coated implants are often the only option for patients who are highly sensitive tIMT rials.