Address: ul. Jelenia 2, 80-336 Gdańsk, Poland

Contact Person: Władysław Fediuk

Telefon: +48 5868 2222 6

Fax: +48 5868 3502 0

Website:  www.impuls.pl


For over 20 years Innovation Enterprise „IMPULS” produces and provides modern, ecological preparations for cleaning and disinfection. Our enterprise supplies also cleaning devices for agricultural and food industry, health care and armed forces. All preparations are produced on the basis of our own formulas worked out in our research and development laboratories. Our trump is professional attitude to Customer’s requirements. We guarantee on time delivery of products and devices. Innovation Enterprise ,,IMPULS” employs a competent, technical and engineering staff who assures advices in providing required hygienic level on every stage of technological process of processing food, as well as substantive consultancy in the hygiene in general. We also organize training and promotional display for Customers, and we prepare individual hygienic plans on the customer’s request.

Production activity of our enterprise includes

  • production of chemical preparations designed in our research laboratories,
  • manufacture under the customer’s mark,
  • manufacture designed for clients,
  • overprinting on packaging and advertising materials,
  • production of systems of automatic washing and disinfection,
  • production of machines and devices for washing and disinfection.


Impuls – Activity on territory of Poland

Thanks to variety of offered products, our customers are: meat processing plants, slaughterhouse, poultry farming, fish-processing plants, dairies, fruits and vegetables processing plants, manufacturer of bottled water and soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, breweries, health services, uniformed services, veterinary clinics and mining industry.

Impuls – export activity

We export our products to countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern America and South America.

Research and development laboratories

Our laboratory works not only for our own purpose but also fulfills assigned orders. It works out recipes and technologies and implements modern ecological washing and disinfecting preparations and cosmetics into production.

Microbiological laboratory

Our microbiological laboratory carries out the following researches: Our microbiological laboratory carries out the following researches:

  • defining microbiological purity,
  • defining stability of conserving systems in cosmetics, washing preparations and preparations of household chemistry,
  • defining an active concentrations of antiseptic and fungicidal preparations.


Electromechanical appliances production department

This department is responsible for working out: modern machines and devices designed for washing, disinfection and decontamination processes.


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