Address: Heidornweg 11, 27419 Sittensen, Germany

Contact Person: Frank Schmidt

Telefon: +49 4282 2018

Fax: +49 4282 3377

Website: www.eumatic.de


About Eumatic GmbH

Eumatic GmbH is a plastics company specialized in the production of components which are needed by manufacturers of door panels. Due to our decade-long experience, our know-how and our flexibility we offer not only standard products but also individual solutions according to the customers’ requirements.
Our company was founded in 1971, in 1994 we expanded our production into Poland. Today we are one of the major suppliers in this industry sector. Under the leadership of our acting partner Frank Schmidt currently 105 committed employees manufacture standard products of high quality and individual products according to our customers’ specifications. Our production area has a size of more than 10.000 m².
Make use of our long lasting experience and reduce your costs by outsourcing the risks connected with in-house production.

We produce:

  • Decors, ornament frames, garnishing pieces, and so on, even or with wood structure made of polyester und polyurethane raw or coated
  • High-quality GfK-PUR sandwich construction
  • Complete front door filling green body
  • Other technical products/ reproductions with and without reinforcement during the casting process
  • Own model building and mould construction

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