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Electrodynamic systems & technologies LLC (EST) develops and produces the new generation of equipment on the basis of fundamental discoveries in plasma physics, molecular biology and nano-technologies. The successful performance of the company is based on the search for innovative solutions and on long-standing business relationship with our partners. Among our business partners who are preoccupied with the implementation of the unique technologies we can name companies in Russia, Europe, China and Taiwan.
EST Company evolves dynamically. In 2008 EST Company became a resident of the Russian Specific Economic Zone, located in the city of Tomsk. The pillars of our team are members of Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian unit) and the Universities of Tomsk that have broad experience in the sphere of research and implementation processes. EST Company develops novel plasma technologies that can be applied in numerous branches of industry. Our company suggests innovative solutions that surpass their current counterparts in efficiency and productivity, but the price is substantially lower at the same time. The innovations are aimed at developing nature friendly and resource saving technologies.
The backbone of the developed equipment is the use of the unique technology of Atmospheric plasma Discharge with Runaway Electrons (ADRE), patented No. 2274923, the degree from 01.09.2003. The innovative solutions that are based on ADRE plasma have a wide range of obvious benefits such as efficiency, safety for service employees and ecological cleanness.

Electrodynamic systems & technologies LLC – Plasma technologies

Plasma determination and application
Plasma is partially or fully ionized gas, in which neutral atoms are split into ions and electrons. Presence of ions, electrons, photons, free radicals and other particles gives to plasma a number of specific properties and allows to consider it as a special fourth condition of substance.
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Types of low-temperature plasma
Low-temperature plasma originates from corona, barrier, glow and other discharges, and is widely used in industry nowadays. More information

Our innovation in the “Plasma world”
EST Ltd. has patented the new method of production of low-temperature plasma with runaway electrons (Atmospheric Discharge with Runaway Electrons), hereafter cited as ADRE plasma.
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Plasma generators
EST Ltd. has developed and produces atmospheric plasma generators with runaway electrons “ELECTRON” on the basis of ADRE plasma with a view of practical application of technologies.
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High voltage pulse generators

“EST” Company developed high voltage nanosecond and nanosecond pulse generators of “PROTEUS” line intended for excitation of various types of electric discharges in gaseous media, and also – in liquids and solid-states with such basic characteristics as:

  • Build-up time – from 500 picoseconds up to 150 nanoseconds
  • Amplitude – up to 150 kilovolt
  • Impulse energy – up to 0,4 joule
  • Average watt input – 2-10 kilowatt


Our plasma application

Disinfection and sterilization
One of the most perspective branches of ADRE-technology is disinfection and sterilization of solid state surfaces, liquids and gases. More information

Procession of woven and nonwoven fabrics
The use of plasma technologies for activation and modification of woven and nonwoven fabrics evolves dynamically these days. The core of the problem lies in increasing their capability and wetting ability. EST Company offers you a positively new method of processing. More information



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