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CemeCon AG – PVD sputter and CVD diamond coatings for high-performance precision tools

CemeCon has many years of experience in PVD sputter and CVD diamond coating technology. In one of the world’s largest coating centres, we produce extremely hard, smooth and adhesive coatings for precision tools. We produce high-tech coatings to suit specific customer requirements in our advanced production facility. We also offer appropriate coating technology from systems, peripheral equipment and production-ready solutions for in-house coating.

Coating Service

For more than 25 years, CemeCon focuses on the development and production of coatings and processes for cutting tools. As a result, the best possible potential performance of tools and coatings can now be fully utilized. On the basis of CemeCon Powernitrides (HiPIMS), Supernitrides, hard and ultra-hard coatings and diamond coatings we design and produce customized coatings for the most diverse of machining applications and the tools used for these applications. Around 60,000 tools are coated with top-quality coatings each day environmentally and resource-friendly.

Your 3 reasons for CemeCon AG Coating Service

  • Outstanding coating quality
  • Years of experience in one of of the largest coating centers in the world, and direct contact with skilled engineers on site at one
  • Special production lines for inserts or round tools, ensure the individual and professional handling of your tools


Coating Technology

Your in-house coating technology – universal yet specialised
CemeCon has been supplying in-house coating technology to its customers for 25 years. Drawing on experience from Europe’s largest coating production operation, CemeCon has now tailored its system technology to precisely meet the needs of its customers with its unique CC800®/9 series of coating systems. Both existing and new coating materials can be implemented on all models. Furthermore, all CC800®/9 systems are fast, cost-efficient, flexible and produce smooth, high-quality coatings with good adhesion. This outstanding technological position results from an extensive in-house R&D department and close cooperation with universities and research institutes around the world. Existing coating technologies and systems are constantly improved and further developed. Whether you are a tool manufacturer, a small or medium-sized grinding shop or a component manufacturer for the automotive, aviation or medical engineering industry, our goal is, and always will be, ensuring your technical and economic success.

Five good reasons for choosing CemeCon coating technology

  • Economically sustainable, future-proof coating technology due to easy upgrade (capacity, processes and new developments). Option for modern high-tech coatings; adaptations and upgrades can be carried out quickly and at low cost.
  • A single coating system for diverse coating processes: all models in the CC800®/9 series are based on the same platform and are available at various configuration levels to fulfil different requirements.
  • Fast, low-impact coating or sputtering with extremely high metal ionisation: booster technology and HiPIMS, high ionisation sputtering (H.I.S.®) for depositing numerous types of ultrasmooth composite coatings on any desired substrate geometry.
  • Transfer of know-how to your company.
  • Expansion of your product portfolio with versatile options for coating design and differentiation from your competitors by unique features (outstanding friction characteristics, surface quality, colour, etc.). Quality benefits by designing the production chain to suit your range of products.


Coating Competence

As a spin-off of RWTH, CemeCon has been maintaining intensive relationships with the University of Aachen and more than 30 other universities, associations and cooperation companies since its foundation in 1986. The in-house CemeCon research department cooperates with well-known research facilities and industrial partners. New solutions for the optimisation of coating technology are developed in diverse research projects. With more than 25 years of experience in machining and a daily production volume of about 60,000 cutting tools, CemeCon is the pioneer of PVD coating technology and global market leader for CVD diamond coating.

CemeCon is the only manufacturer on the market who provides coating construction, coating service and coating systems from one source.

CemeCon developed initial hard and super-hard material coatings very early on. In the new millennium, the Supernitrides, and recently, the Power nitrides based on HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) technology contributed to the market success and provide products with maximum possible quality. Today, a range of different coating variants is available for our customers.

You benefit from our competence

Our work is characterised by the intensive collaboration with our customers. Customer-specific high technology coatings for precision tools specially matched to the specific features of the products result from the adaptation of substrate, geometry and coating to the tool application and advanced manufacturing. These sustainably increase the attractiveness of the cutting tools and their profitability in the market. Our experience and coating competence continuously flow into our coatings, coating service and system technology:

  • CemeCon Coating Service – Benefit from recognised coating recommendations where the appropriate specification for your tool is produced based on our experience.
  • CemeCon Coating Construction – Design your own coating jointly with our engineers which our coating service can manufacture for you afterwards.
  • CemeCon Coating Technology – Make your own coatings with our in-house coating technology and use the advantages of in-house production capacity and knowledge transfer.