BMBF Ship Filter
The international network BalticNet-PlasmaTec connects SME, research institutes, users and other partners who deal with plasma technology. Plasma technology is used as a cross section technology and key technology in a lot of different uses as for example surface treatment, sterilisation by packaging, biomedical uses and exhaust air cleaning. It is known that plasma can be used for the cleaning of exhaust gases. The suitability of plasma filters to the exhaust gas cleaning of ship diesel engines should be determined in the context of this project. If this will be successful an EU-project application should be prepared in the field of environment.

Therefore this three different plasma filter models should be developed. Within the scope of this project these principles should be tested in a preliminary test on their suitability (scalability, active power, flow behaviour, mechanical qualities) in the bypass of a real ship engine. The most important parameter is the NOx – reduction. Therefore the effect principles of the NOx reaction in the filters are to be examined and concepts for an optimisation should be compiled. The aim is to initiate an EU-project application together with the partners from Szczecin after the end of the preliminary tests.

Within the scope of this activity the development of a retrofit exhaust gas-filter system with smaller ship diesels (up to 100 kWh) should be realised. At the same time the filter principle should show the basis for the development of filter plants for medium and large diesel engines and filter plants for electricity producer up to small power stations.

From BalticNet-PlasmaTec’s point of view the aimed project results can give new impulses for the shipbuilding industry in Germany, Poland and other countries bordering the Baltic Sea.