Background of the international cluster BalticNet-PlasmaTec

Industry and Research & Development within the Baltic region states are growing closer together. One of the main assets of these states are the huge knowledge potential and the capital and human resources in the field of plasma technology. Based on a plasma technology evaluation from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research several promising economic sectors for plasma technologies were identified (more sectors you can see at Application Industries):

• Medical engineering / Bioengineering
• Vehicle construction, Automotive Industry
• Engine building industry
• Glass & optical industry
• Textile industry

BalticNet-PlasmaTec was founded to disseminate plasma technology and to initiate international collaborations in the field of research and development. With visionary management and bundling of economic, social and legislative resources, we became a sustainable network for plasma technology in Europe and dynamic regions in the world.

The network started in 2006 with eight members from two different countries. In 2015, BalticNet-PlasmaTec has already 71 partners from 15 different countries, particularly in all countries bordering the Balti Sea, but also in Italy, the Netherlands, India and Brazil.

We are always looking for new members, who are interested in this technology and wants to collaborate with other partners in this network to find new solutions and possibilities to optimise plasma processes or their plasma-modified products.

Please contact us for further information.

Background - Membership trend from 2006 until 2014