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About Artenum

Artenum is an independent company specialized in scientific computing and groupware. As a software publisher, Artenum has created numerous lean and effective open source solutions like the collaborative platform, LibreSource, and the scientific visualization tool, Cassandra. In terms of service, Artenum brings its IT and scientific competences and transfer them to its clients.
At the interface between research and industry, Artenum is at the heart of a large network of academic and industry partners. Since the end of 2006, Artenum has been a member of the System@tic competitiveness cluster.
Our Experts
Enriched by long European and international experience, the mobile and reactive Artenum team are made of recognized veteran experts. Having acquired expertise in both science and industry, they cultivate a multidisciplinary curiosity that permits Artenum to interact with many thematic communities. With strong backgrounds, each member of the team is capable of independently taking charge of complex projects and bringing an external perspective with different unique adapted responses to our clients.
The team today are recognized for their mastery in fields as varied as:

  • mathematical modelling and numerical simulation
  • high performance computing (HPC)
  • 2D/3D scientific visualization
  • software architecture of complex IT systems and critical code
  • development of human-machine interface (HMI)
  • support mission in space environment and plasma physics
  • use of adapted programming languages, like JAVA, C/C++, Python/Jython and Fortran
  • collaborative work and management of the software lifecycle

Our experts have authored numerous scientific and technical publications, generally in partnership with research institutions in academia and industry.
Our Offer:
Artenum is looking to maintain a constant equilibrium between its offer of services and products. The objective of this approach is to offer its clients the most perennial software solutions adapted to their needs, critical factors and professional context.
Within the framework of the benefits of services, whether in engineering, custom development, scientific expertise or open source, we always seek to identify the most reliable technical solutions and software components:

  • either within the client’s own components, by highlighting the key elements though an in-depth analysis of their code
  • or, after evaluation, with reference to open source solutions
  • or on the basis of our own catalog of applications and software components

Reciprocally, it is the need for validated solutions and products which led Artenum to maintain a active policy of software publishing, emphasizing:

  • the necessity of stable and durable components, especially in terms of scientific visualization and calculation
  • the constant evolution of our methodology, by our own developmental efforts, by external contributions and often even by the will of our own clients
  • an effort of coherence between our products, in particular to support interoperability
  • open source solutions, freely accessible and utilizable by the user community

This approach has allowed a significant capitalization of our programming and scientific expertise and the development of a collection of important and coherent software solutions whose reliability has been forged by experience.

Our services: an adapted response
Scientific calculation places increasing demands on computer performance and requires many constraints in the design of high performance software, especially in terms of:

  • calculation times
  • memory and storage
  • portability and interoperability
  • maintenance

The objective of Artenum’s offer of service is to reduce the burden on scientists and experts by providing them with tested know-how in the architecture of software solutions as well as in the field of science.
This includes areas as varied as:

  • Development of customized software
  • Software architecture
  • Expertise in SOA (service-oriented architecture)
  • Analysis of critical code
  • Tailored GUI
  • 2D/3D scientific visualization
  • Digital simulation and HPC (high performance computing)
  • Customized research and consulting
  • Physics and science
  • Space environment
  • Plasma physics
  • Computer science and IT systems
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Software optimisation
  • Programming languages: Java, Python/Jython, Fortran, C, C++, etc.
  • Collaborative work and activities with the scientific and industrial communities
  • Training/Consulting

The expertise of Artenum in management of the software development cycle and in managing activities of communities is widely recognized, based on experience acquired since 2001, in particular in the framework of the development of the LibreSource collaborative platform and the coordination of scientific and industrial communities like SPINE. Our know-how in this field has allowed us to establish a series of methods adapted to monitoring software projects in the industrial and scientific context, as well as in geographical distribution.
Our products: the open source choice
Since its founding as a software publisher, Artenum has been at the beginning of numerous computer science solutions that have become references today.
To respond to the challenges of modern scientific and industrial projects, the majority of solutions developed by Artenum are open source and for this reason, can be integrated into external open source solutions.
From the final user’s point of view, this approach permits:

  • improvement in the global quality of software for the products carried to be used in critical environments (e.g. numerical simulation), by: better traceability of the methods and algorithms implemented (e.g. eliminate the “black box” effect), mastering the applicable areas of the digital models used (e.g. CFL criteria, approximations, fields of stability, the possibility of objective evaluation of our software by a third party (companies, experts…).
  • reinforcing the lifetime of solutions destined to be integrated into long term projects
  • reduction of development and maintenance efforts by combining them with those in other fields of work
  • beyond the software layer, the identification of authors of models integrated into code and the community of experts behind them (e.g. reference publications, scientific communities)

Thanks to the active communities, the introduction of open source has contributed to:

  • reduction of all risk to the client of technical dependence on the solution provider (e.g. reduction of the risk of “vendor locking”)
  • preservation of the economic fabric and geographic balance, avoiding industrial concentrations

Artenum offers benefits in addition to its products:

  • a mechanism for double license, permitting the integration of Artenum’s solutions within all types of programs, including those of the owner
  • an offer of customer support and services including, for instance, training, development and consulting