The webinar “Introduction to active, intelligent and smart packaging” will introduce and difference between active, intelligent and smart packaging concepts. As well as to show some examples.

Active packages are defined as solutions with nano or plasma technology, sensors, innovative materials, oxygen and gas scavenging, security and anticounterfeiting. Intelligent packages are solutions with sensors/RFID/NFC, printed electronics, mobile commerce and track, trace and control. New materials, for example bioplastics help to create new advanced solutions and coatings, an area where nano and plasma technology already are playing an important role.

Active packaging is accurately defined as “packaging in which subsidiary constituents have been deliberately included in or on either the packaging material or the package headspace to enhance the performance of the package system”.

Intelligent packaging can be defined as “packaging that contains an external or internal indicator to provide information about aspects of the history of the package and/or the quality of the food”.

Smart packaging is a set of active and inteligent packaging. Active packaging interacts with a product or its internal or external environment through a physical, biological or chemical process to improve safety, preservation and quality. Intelligent packaging can monitor and report on the condition or environment of a product, tracking it through the value chain and has application for package integrity, safety, quality, traceability and verifcation.

Next seminars will be held as follows:

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  • 10 October: Quality over everything.
  • 8 November: New materials and modern technologies